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Youth Employability Network is a registered social organization working for the resilient livelihood of youth and marginalized communities in Pakistan. Youth Employability Network was established in 2017 in Pakistan. Youth Employability Network working with a vision to create enabling environment for youth & marginalized communities. The key specific areas of our working are “Awareness on Safe, orderly and regular Labor migration and reintegration of return migrants, empowering youth & marginalized communities for resilient livelihood, research & institutional development and financial literacy for an empowered society”. Youth Employability Network has worked on different projects of skill development, enterprise development training programs, digitalization of a business, awareness raising on safe, orderly and regular migration, reintegration of return migrants, women economic empowerment, financial literacy, financial inclusion and capacity building of the entrepreneurs towards a successful business. These projects have been implemented with different national organization, international organization, government departments.


Youth employability Network vision is to create an enabling environment for youth & marginalized communities in Pakistan where they can have more opportunities for their resilient livelihood, decent work, peaceful coexistence and entrepreneurship.

Thematic Areas